Economy is starting to run smoothly

Latest information on home sales and consumer confidence is much brighter in the past couple of months following concerns of a slow start in 2014. Reports from April to May see all home sales reaching highs of early 2008 with new home sales climbing too after several months of numbers tumbling downward from 2013. Additionally, consumer confidence of 85.2 not seen since 2008 are extremely welcoming as this current administration has not experienced. See quote from economist:
On Monday we learned that existing home sales in May jumped 4.9% to a rate of 4.89 million/year, the best pace since last October. Better yet, yesterday we learned that new home sales jumped from a rate of 433,000/month in April to 504,000/month in May, the best activity level since 5/08 and that consumer confidence hit 85.2 in June, its best level since 1/08! The economy really is s-l-o-w-l-y improving!
Elliot F. Eisenberg, Ph.D.
GraphsandLaughs, LLC