Family Homes often include dogs and cats, just how many?

As spring roles in, it becomes obvious to us pet owners that we have work to do cleaning up the past several months of poop that was hidden by winter snows. As you prepare your yard for summer use or are preparing your home and yard for potential sale, the need to scoop the poop is imparative. A yard free from need to tip toe around the smelly land mies is a must if you are selling your home and the yard that it resides upon. Just how many of us have these spring duties is wide reaching. Whether you live in rural areas with an acre or more for the pets to enjoy or in your urban townhouse with the 100 sqft patch yard the need to clean is the same. Some interesting numbers were provided by Mr. Eisenbeg in his economic blog with the following:
While Americans own 96 million cats and 83 million dogs, more families have dogs than cats. It’s is because 70% of dog owners have just one dog, while just 45% of cat owners have a single cat. By contrast, 10% of dog owners have three dogs or more, but 24% of cat owners have three or more cats, and 51% have at least two. At least I will not be alone in the yard clean up as many northerners watch the melting snow and what remains before the lawn mowing starts.