Lakefront Living News #1

Lakefront Property Values

Southcentral Alaska has some fundamental complexities associated with Lakefront living. Here in the Mat-Su Valley and elsewhere on the Kenai Peninsula there are many lakes and rivers with exceptional waters for recreation whether peaceful purposes or for motorized sports activities.

Floatplane Accessible vs. Non-Motorized

Floatplane accessibility is a generator of demand that is found mostly in Alaska. The value issue associated with different uses of this lakefront and riverfront property is varies and in many cases varied greatly. Typically the highest value property has both floatplane accessibility and unrestricted or lightly restricted motorized uses. Again, typically this is for the largest lakes and large rivers. Other lakes may have airplane accessibility but are restrictive of other motorized uses and values are ususally less than the less restrictive lakes.

Then there are the lakes too small to accomodate floatplanes and these lakes that allow motorized activities command the third highest values. And finally lakefront properties that are not floatplane accessible and do not allow motorized activities or are highly restrictive, ie; 10 hp or electric motors only, will have lower values in the market place. In addition there are many very shallow water bodies that have marginal waterfront with less recreational uses but astetically are pleasing for most any home owner, aside from the high mosquito count. This is mostly good news for quiet user groups that are looking for canoeing and kayaking lakes.

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Follow this link or copy and paste for the Mat-Su Borough Code Compliance relating to Lake Management Plans and what lakes are affected and how.