Thinking of listing your home for sale? Best tips for presentation, add curb appeal….

We’ve known this all along but again NAR has posted the results of those projects that will give you the most bang for your dollar in getting your home ready for sale. Exterior projects rank # 1 in return on investment starting with that front door! Check out this article from NAR by copy and pasting to your browser. You can also go to and see this story in full. Houselogic allows you to create your own site to track your home expenses and see what the benefit might be for various projects and expenditures you make to your home. Main take away from this is when your home is listed for sale presentation and curb appeal is #1 in must do’s. Front door painting and replacement is first and foremost but don’t forget all the area around the entry, porch, walkways, etc. All must be kept clear and inviting. Please call me for any additional pointers that maybe helpful.